Fishes 'Gosiutichthys Parvus'

Fishes 'Gosiutichthys Parvus'


A mass mortality fossil fish of the family Clupeidae genus Gosiutichthys.   The name comes from Gosiute, a Middle Eocene lake where this fish lived in large schools. It comes from a formation that outcrops near the Fontenelle Reservoir and near the Farson Dam.


This fish plate comprising approximately 23 full or partial fish, not enhanced in any way. 

This species of fish is considered uncommon to rare.


Fossil: Fish Gosiutichthys Parvus

Location: Gree River Formation, Wyoming, U.S.A

Age: Eocene

Dimensions: 22.7cm x 14.2cm


A genuine fossil.

You will receive the item pictured.

All measurements are approximate.