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Fishes Diplomystus and Priscacara

Fishes Diplomystus and Priscacara


A beautifully prepared fossil fish display plate, featuring two different species of Green River fish.  Both fish are incredibly well preserved with fins out and scales clear.  The fish have not been enhanced, the bones are raised so you know you are viewing the actual remains of the fish, not just an impression. 

An excellent example and a good size for the home!


Age: Eocene, around 48 million years old

Location: Green River Formation, Wyoming, U.S.A

Dimensions: Diplomystus 25cm long

Priscacara: 13cm long

Overall Plate: 35.5cm x 32 at the widest points


Supplied with chrome stand for easy display and a full description


A genuine fossil.

You will receive the item pictured.

All sizes are approximate.

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