Frequently Asked Questions

Sizing Guide


All sizes are approximate and a guide only.


It is important to consider the size and shape of the person for whom the jewellery is intended as not all styles are suitable for everybody, and nobody wants to be disappointed.

For example: Choker style necklaces are delicate and under 16” 40 cm. This would be unsuitable for a lady with a larger than average neck. For the chunky, longer style necklaces, a smaller than average neck would not get the best from the piece and may ‘swamp’ the wearer.

In the case of necklaces the length will be stated, but this is only a guide. Please bear in mind the size and shape of a stone can drastically effect the length. If a stone is chunky, the wearable length will be reduced. 

Please feel free to email us if you are unsure and we will do our best to help you.


We do not give a length for the bracelets, but rather a range of sizes as the size and shape of a stone will alter the wearable length of a bracelet. You will need to take a measurement of your wrist that will correspond to one of the three sizes. Please wrap tightly for this measurement.


SMALL: 15 - 16 cm 
MEDIUM: 16 - 17 cm
LARGE: 17 - 18 cm


This is a guide only. An ‘AVERAGE’ ladies wrist in our experience is what we call ‘MEDIUM’.

We appreciate that sometimes things don’t fit, or sit quite like you expected. In these cases please talk to us so that we might find a suitable solution.


Other FAQ

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes, but to retail outlets only and a minimum purchase is necessary.  It is a business ambition of Organika Gems to supply retail outlets, but due to the handcrafted nature of the jewellery this will be limited in volume.  Please email us for further details.


Do you make to order?

I can design custom jewellery to your specification, so if there is a certain bead or style you do not see, please let me know and I will do my best to suit your requirements.  Wedding day pearls are a speciality!


What is the jewellery made from?

All the jewellery on this website is made using semiprecious and precious stones, freshwater and saltwater pearls, and mother of pearl shell.  The exact content of any given item will be clearly described alongside the picture.


What is the jewellery strung on?

The jewellery is strung on nylon coated multi-thread stainless steel wire with a minimum breaking strength of 5kg. Where an item is strung on elastic, Organika Gems uses extremely strong 1mm wide single strand elastic, not the multi - thread elastic which has a tendency to fray and break.  


What is the silver metal made from?

Silver.  There are 3 types of silver that we commonly use:

  1. Sterling silver which has a purity of 925 parts per 1000.

  2. Bali silver which is commonly oxidised to give it an antiqued effect.  Bali silver is at least as pure as sterling silver.

  3. Thai silver which is between 925 parts to 999 parts per 1000 silver.

How do I clean my jewellery?

To keep your jewellery looking like new it is important to clean it regularly.  This is best done using a soft cloth such as a silver cloth and no cleaning products.  A gentle rub over will do the job.  Never dip your jewellery in cleaning solutions as many stones are porous and unsuitable for that type of cleaning.  If necessary your jewellery can be washed in warm water using a little washing up liquid.  Please make sure you rinse well and leave to dry on a soft towel.  Your piece will need to be buffed with a soft cloth to remove residual water marks.

What happens if my jewellery breaks?

Keep all the pieces and we can remake it for you for a minimal charge.  If additional stones or silver are required, they will be supplied at cost. 



Any other questions, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to answer them.

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